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In January we give over 300 working Minecraft accounts for free. Now we have a new round, a free giveaway for February, so hurry and take one copy for you. As we said earlier, this is a limited time offer… Read More »

Fallout Pack

Having long played Skyrim and Minecraft, I fell in love with the concept of open world games. The Elder Scrolls has long attracted my attention, we find ourselves very quickly immersed in the game world screaming up the mythical behind… Read More »

The survival of Minecraft a nice adventure, harder and more involved than creative … But I think we all agree that, when you create your building or your seven story tower mobs, the scaffolding earth, not the top. The same… Read More »

As you know, the famous loom large in my articles. I will present to you today, after a long journey for which I have a real heart. Indeed, it is now the great return of the author Chocapic13, well known… Read More »

Hello to you all. Today section slightly different from the others because it actually is a mod pack. Only difference with this one is that it will not ask you, or very little knowledge about machines, cables etc … This… Read More »

Personally, I find that Minecraft does not have enough mobs. What is true from the time, the developers of Minecraft could add some original animals. So yes, the 1.6 has enabled our equine friends to exist. Anyway, the pig, cow… Read More »

It’s finally spring. Not being a fan of winter and cold, I was waiting for this moment for a long time. We can finally go outside without putting ten layers of clothing, watch the flowers grow without even realizing it,… Read More »

These latter times, I’m a bit removed from the net because of my studies and I gave time to do something else while I take a small rise in motivation with a hint of free time to concoct a story…. Read More »

In a very distant galaxy was a distant planet other for ages, it moved away from its solar system as if it was abandoning. The sun does not emit any light beam in its direction, which darkened the poor little… Read More »

Bibliocraft is a mod that adds new blocks as shelves, racks armor, libraries and much more! You can put everything you want in the various objects added by the mod, which allows you to decorate your home but also to… Read More »

Flans Mod is a combination of aircraft, vehicles and weapons of the Second World War (WW2 Guns) rewritten with a ton of awesome new features and designed to easily enable the creation of personalized content by anyone which. This mod… Read More »