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I know that you all want Minecraft for free but our sponsors are little late this month and today we got a some amount of free Minecraft accounts. It’s second day of month but you must forgive us, October giveaway… Read More »

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Trade is a tool that allows players to interact with the villagers emeralds or objects against other objects or weapons , and vice versa. Right click on a villager allows a player to trade with him. The villagers make offers… Read More »

Creatures in Minecraft are different entities, animals or monsters, able to modify their immediate environment. There are currently 31 types of creatures , each subject to the same environmental constraints that the player whose combustion and gravity. The same card… Read More »

Enchanting is a process that allows you to place lots of tools, weapons and armor , improving their characteristics or adding new ones. Objects can also be enchanted using the / enchant for operators on a multiplayer server. In creative… Read More »

Alchemy or distillation ( English name: brewing ) is the method for creating potions and volatile potions in Minecraft . The player must first make an alchemy stand , lay on the ground, and right-click it to display the grid… Read More »

Minecraft Cooking

Cooking is how you can cook , melt and burn Minecraft elements in an oven. The oven , with a right click, allows access to its own cooking grate where cooking operations can be performed . It consists of a… Read More »

Crafting is the method by which blocks , tools, and other resources are created in Minecraft . This is a feature available in the Beta and Alpha , as well as in the old ways and to this day removed… Read More »

Items appear as two-dimensional sprites in the player’s inventory and in three dimensions in the player’s hand (unlike blocks, taking the 3D appearance in the player’s hand and the inventory) . Blocks and objects are all usable resources of Minecraft… Read More »

Minecraft is made and built entirely of blocks. You dig through blocks, you build with blocks, your character is composed of blocks, they are everywhere. It is possible to change the appearance of blocks applying new resource packs. The face… Read More »

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